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I have known Ariel for several years, and started working with her based on the recommendation of a family member.

She has been instrumental in helping me lease my downtown condo, and this time she really pulled off a small miracle. My previous tenant was moving out in a haste, just as the pandemic was settling in, so I called Ariel again for some advice and guidance about what to do during such a turbulent time. She explained the current state of the condo market and it was looking quite dismal at that time - my building already had several units for rent, they had been on the market for weeks, and prices were quickly declining. This wasn't going to be easy. I put my trust in Ariel and within a day, she had my condo listed on - along with supporting social media and community posts - and organized the photography to put my condo in the best light for potential tenants. I was very pleasantly surprised when she followed up to let me know that we had a wonderful tenant, fully vetted, and ready to sign - in under two weeks! Many of the condo units that were listed before mine, were still waiting to be rented, and their prices had dropped significantly lower than the lease contract Ariel negotiated for me. Needless to say, it's been a pleasure to work with Ariel - she is professional and has a wealth of knowledge on current and projected real estate markets!

K.I., Bay Street Corridor

We are so grateful to have gotten to work with Ariel!

Her knowledge of the real estate market was impressive but even more impressive was her patience and dedication. This was our first time contracting an agent to help us put our place on the market, and we had so many questions but Ariel took such great care to make us feel at ease and did everything possible to make us feel like her top priority. I would happily and enthusiastically recommend Ariel to anyone looking for an agent!

M. S. & A.C, - High Park

Working with Ariel over the last few years has been nothing short of amazing!

She helped us successfully navigate the often stressful and strenuous process of house hunting in the GTA, ensuring everything and everyone was safe throughout. We look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the coming years and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get into the market!

A.V. & M.L - Mississauga

Ariel really took care of us.

She listened to us and helped us with anything we needed. When we found the house we wanted, she thoroughly explained the offer process to us and gave us suggestions on how to make our negotiating position stronger, without us having to compromise any of our needs and wants. If you want a realtor who is competent and patient, who listens to you and puts you first, then you should work with Ariel. Thank you so much Ariel for all your hard work!

I.S & F.S., Stockyards District

Ariel worked diligently to find us a place that had all of the things we need within our budget.

She is approachable, friendly, and communicative - an overall dependable person who made looking for a place as pleasant as she is!

M.L., South Etobicoke

If it wasn’t for Ariel I don’t know if we would have secured our dream home.

We had just started looking at houses and had been doing so without a realtor’s assistance. We found a house we loved but lost out to another offer. When another beautiful house became available in the same area we were hopeful but concerned that the same thing would happen. We connected with Ariel and are so very glad that we did. On the same day that we viewed the house another offer was put in. If it wasn’t for Ariel I am sure that we would have lost out on this one too! She stayed up really late on a Saturday night with us making sure that we had everything we needed to put an offer. She made sure that our offer was properly presented and on time to be viewed against the other. Her professionalism, dedication and positive attitude were a blessing. I am quite sure that she is the reason our offer stood out over the other and we secured a beautiful home. Thank you Ariel for all of your hard work and dedication! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you!

J.S., Oshawa, Greater Toronto Area

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